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Crawford Aerial Photography, Inc has been providing oblique and overhead Georgia Aerial photography for the entire State of Georgia for over thirty three years.

Jim Crawford, the founder has been a Helicopter and Airplane pilot for 48 Years and providing aerial photo service for the southeast United State for over thirty three years.  He received aerial photography training in the Army while attending the Engineer Officer Candidate School and the Engineer Officer Advanced Course during his six years in the US Army.


georgia aerial photographs

Why choose us for your Georgia Aerial Photographs?

Take in the beauty of Georgia from a unique perspective with these stunning aerial photographs. Get an unforgettable view of the sights and sounds of Georgia – no two pictures are alike!

Get ready to explore the beauty of Georgia from a bird’s eye view with these stunning aerial photographs! Whether it’s the breathtaking landscapes or gorgeous waterways, these captivating photos offer you a unique perspective on what makes Georgia so wonderful.


Tour Beautiful Coastal Georgia from the Sky.

With its stunning shorelines, Savannah and the surrounding area are perfect for an aerial tour! Soar above the parks, marinas, and lush marshland of Georgia’s unique coastal scenery. Whether it’s vibrant beachfront scenes or lazy river views, you’ll get a whole new perspective on Georgia’s 1000 miles of beautiful coastline.

See Georgia like never before with spectacular aerial shots of its grandiose Appalachian Mountain views. From the iconic Blue Ridge Mountains to picturesque Alpine Villages, there’s no shortage of breathtaking landscapes to appreciate from a bird’s-eye view. Have your breath taken away as you explore the incredible depths, heights, and colors of the North Georgia terrain!



georgia aerial photographs

Jim Crawford Aerial Photography
Atlanta Georgia Aerial Photographs by airplane, helicopter or drone.
Aerial photography offers unique perspectives that are not accessible to a photographer on the ground. Our expert aerial photographers can use drones, planes, helicopters, and other flying objects to get the perfect shots – offering dynamic and captivating images that you won’t get anywhere else!

georgia aerial photography with drone
Georgia aerial photographs in cessna

Atlanta Georgia Aerial Photography to Capture Stunning Shots

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